1 Chronicles: Chapter 5 Commentary
John Nelson Darby

The following commentary covers Chapters 3, 4, and 5.

The genealogy of David's family is next given us, as far as several generations after the return from the captivity; and then that of the tribes in succession; but in relationship with their position in Israel, and with the addition of certain notices of possessions acquired either by families or by an entire tribe. Dan and Zebulun are wanting; Judah is found (Ch1 4:1). Simeon (Ch1 4:24) had had his lot within the territory of Judah, but he had enlarged his domain; and some of this tribe, having gone beyond the borders of the land, had escaped the captivity. Reuben (Ch1 5:1), Gad (Ch1 5:11), and the half tribe of Manasseh (Ch1 5:23), had remained eastward of Jordan. These tribes together had also much extended their territory, and had enriched themselves at the expense of their enemies. These tribes come together, Judah as the royal tribe; Simeon is brought in with him, because his territory was within Judah's; then Reuben, the firstborn, and with him the tribes beyond Jordan as connected with him. Also they were carried away captive before the rest. The God of Israel brought judgment upon them. Levi came genealogically next; but I apprehend there was a stronger reason; that it was the priestly tribe, as Judah the royal.

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Language: English
Translation: Darby
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Book: 1 Chronicles
Chapter: 5
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